Papurain 好きな物は好きだからしょうがない。


infinite's hyungline & lotto tickets( ̄д ̄;)

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Is it just me, or would G-Dragon be the one to have a mental breakdown because he has to have the same hair for his entire military service?


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hoya being the manly man he is

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Favorite music videos of infinite: Dongwoo

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Sungjong x girl group dancesT-ara - I Go Crazy Because of You

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"Therefore, I am right here
singing the song by myself.
Even though I don’t have any reason to embrace this pain anymore,
I can’t help doing it.”

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make me choose: Paradise Woohyun or Destiny Woohyun? asked by sngyeol

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INFINITE’s couple game~ (≧∇≦)/
yadong vs myungyeol vs woogyu; sungjong is the mc 

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